Saturday, July 04, 2015


2015 08 04 "Stress" #OW

Stress is a pulling at your nerves due to worry.

Stress looks like a nervous girl pulling at her hair.

Stress sounds like fingernails on chalk board.

Stress smells like flop sweat.

Stress feels like too much adrenaline too much of the time.

Stress tastes like the blood from biting your lip too hard.

Rhymes with Stress: overstress, prestress, understress giantess, poetess, politesse ancestress, distress, editress, executress, idolatress, inheritress, comfortress, ministress, monitress, tress, votress effervesce yes dispossess, possess, prepossess, repossess

Agh!  Ack!  Stress
Like being chased by an angry giantess
Losing my cool, of my cool being dispossessed
Sitting in my easy chair feeling comfortless.