Friday, July 10, 2015


2015 07 10 "Shend" #OW

Shend means to put to disgrace or blame, or to shame.

Shend looks like a finger pointed in your face.

Shend it sounds like, "blah blah blah."

Shend smells like rubbing your face in it.

Shend feels like burning cheeks of embarrassment.

Shend tastes like crow pie.

Rhymes with : amend, emend, discommend, commend, mend, recommend, remend A append, D depend, E expend, I impend, K compend, P pend, penned, perpend, PR prepend, ST stipend, U unpenned, V vilipend rend, rerend, reverend ascend, descend, godsend, condescend, scend, send, transcend, upsend shend

You like to blame, you like to shend.
I think this relationship has to end.
I'm just sick and tired of the way you condescend.
I've tried so hard to let you mend, but you're only happy when you have the upper hand.  The End.