Friday, July 03, 2015


2015 07 03 "Quarantine" #OW

Quarantine is an act of isolating someone, usually to minimize the spread of disease.

Quarantine looks like a miserable person locked in a little room attended by people in hazard suits.

Quarantine sounds like someone singing the "I Got Me a Contagious Disease Blues."

Quarantine smells like vomit and medicine.

Quarantine feels like being sick.

Quarantine tastes like cough syrup.

Rhymes with Quarantine: clementine, KR chryselephantine, quarentene, L lateen, libertine, lovertine, N nicotine, nineteen, O Augustine, P patine, pentene, poteen, potheen, PR pre-teen, protein, pristine, R ratteen, ratine, routine, S sateen, serpentine, seventeen, sixteen, Sistine, cystine, subroutine, T teen, tontine, turbitteen, TH thirteen, U umpteen, V velveteen ornithene, polythene threne

Hey, y'all, come and join the quarantine!
It's the craziest scene that you've ever seen.
We line up and then run around serpentine
We throw up and try to choke down some protein --
Having ebola's the most fun I've had sine I was seventeen!