Saturday, July 04, 2015

Money Is Make-Believe (first draft) #WGUT

Money Is Make-Believe

Since round about 1980
the game's been rigged for the rich
Good jobs have done a 180
So now a "good job's" maybe diggin' a ditch

Money is make-believe, folks
Money is just make-believe.
If you live in Ferguson, Missouri, or somewhere down in South Car'line
The corporations have been picking your pocket, while spouting 'bout the party line

It don't matter what you call it
Dough or scratch or honey-boo
Don't be a slave to the system
Make your money work for you!

Don't matter if you're a Tinker or a Taylor
Working for that min'mum wage
Navy man or just a sailor
Free yourself from the money cage

Corporations ain't people buddy
Just a tool that's been abused
Rich folks have left us bloody
Now it's time to fix the rules!