Saturday, July 04, 2015


2015 07 04 "Magazine" #OW

A magazine is a small periodical usually printed on cheap paper.

Magazine looks like Reader's Digest or Sports Illustrated or Redbook.

Magazine sounds like pages flipping as you scan through.

Magazine smells like scratch and sniff perfume samples.

Magazine feels like paper so cheap the ink sticks to your fingers.

Magazine tastes like paper and ink.

Rhymes with Magazine: latrine, thestreen, treen, vitrine, yestreen atween, between, gobetween, therebetween ’tween  advene, intervene, contravene, convene, margravine, nervine, olivine, prevene, ravine, Slovene, subvene, supervene, visne overween, wean, ween fedayeen, yean benzene, benzine, bombazine, chlorobenzene, cuisine, limousine, nitrobenzene, organzine, zine

It's my favorite magazine
(I buy it just for the articles)
It's a cool scene
(The editors never dangle their participles).