Wednesday, July 15, 2015


2015 07 15 "Incense" #OW

Incense is a scent made for burning.

Incense looks like a long stick with smoke coming out of one end.

Incense sounds like a quiet flame.

Incense smells like a wide variety of scents.

Incense feels like smoke getting in your eyes.

Incense tastes like something you shouldn't put in your mouth.

Rhymes with Incense: conference, PR preference, R reference, reverence, S circumference B beneficence, FR frankincense, innocence, K commonsense, concupiscence, M magnificence, munificence, N nonsense, R reticence, S cense, sense spence, suspense A appetence, I impenitence, impotence, inappetence, incompetence, incompetents, intense, intents, K competence, O omnipotence, P penitence, PL plenipotence, PR pretense, S subtense, T tense thence

There she sits, burning her incense
Meditating and plotting her penitence
But is this idyllic state just a pretense?
I'm not convinced by all her reverence.