Wednesday, July 22, 2015


2015 07 22 "Impediment" #OW

Impediment is something that blocks your path.

Impediment looks like cones closing off the city street.

Impediment sounds like horns blaring trying to notify the drivers in front to get out of the way.

Impediment smells like garbage from the overturned truck blocking your path.

Impediment feels like wasted time.

Impediment tastes like bile rising in your throat.

Rhymes with Impediment: hereditament, imperilment, implement, impoverishment, imprisonment, increment, instrument, integument, inveiglement, K comment, complement, compliment, condiment, L lament, languishment, lavishment, ligament, lineament, liniment, M management, medicament, meant, merriment, measurement, monument, muniment, N nourishment, nutriment, O augment, ornament, P parliament, pediment, pesterment, punishment, PR prattlement, predicament, premonishment, presentiment, R ravishment, regiment, recrement, relinquishment, replenishment, revelment, rudiment, S sacrament, sediment, cement, sentiment, cerement, settlement, supplement, T tegument, temperament, tenement, testament, torment, tournament, TR tremblement, U unmeant, V vanishment, vanquishment, vehement, W wanderment, well-meant, wilderment, wonderment, worriment

I shall admit no impediment
I won't be bowed by sentiment
I won't stop for a torn ligament
This is my word; accept my testament.