Tuesday, July 28, 2015


2015 07 28 "Hep" #OW

Hep is in the know or stylish.

Hep looks like Ron Glass on Barney Miller.

Hep sounds like Scatman Caruthers.

Hep smells like French perfume.

Hep feels like being with it and happening, like the cool kids.

Hep tastes like Benjamin and Gerald's ice cream.

Rhymes with Hep: Dieppe hep, not hep kep pep prep demirep, rep cep shep schlep skep D doorstep, F first step, footstep, giant step, I instep, K catstep, KW quickstep, M misstep, O overstep, S sidestep, ST stairstep, step, steppe, T two-step, W one-step

I'm hep
You're not hep
You do the two-step
And trip on the stairstep.