Sunday, July 19, 2015


2015 07 19 "Gent" #OW

Gent refers to a gentleman

Gent looks like a dude in fancy dress squiring about the promenade.

Gent sounds like, "Pardon me, but would you have any Grey Poupon?"

Gent smells like high-end eau de toilette.

Gent feels like condescension.

Gent tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Gent: diligent, dirigent, exigent, indigent, intelligent, intransigent, corrigent, negligent, transigent Kent acquent, eloquent, frequent, grandiloquent, inconsequent, consequent, magniloquent, subsequent B benevolent, E excellent, equivalent, esculent, FL flatulent, flocculent, FR fraudulent, I indolent, insolent, K corpulent, KW querulent, L leant, lent, Lent, luculent, lutulent, M malevolent, muculent, O opulent, P pestilent, purulent, PR prevalent, R redolent, relent, S somnolent, succulent, T turbulent, TR truculent, V vinolent, violent, virulent

None ever mistake me for a gent
I took whatever I wanted wherever I went.
And though my surroundings were never opulent,
At least I didn't blame my neighbor when I was flatulent.