Thursday, July 16, 2015


2015 07 16 "Fenced" #OW

Fenced refers to a yard enclosed by a long barrier.

Fenced looks like a prison yard.

Fenced sounds like the cries of pain from a little kid who tripped and landed on the pointy end of a picket fence.

Fenced smells like frustration of the dogs that can't get out and the burglars who can't get in.

Fenced feels like being trapped.

Fenced tastes like non-free-range chicken.

Rhymes with Fenced: experienced, inexperienced, influenced, unifluenced evidenced, condensed, recondensed, uncondensed unfenced flensed, unflensed against, ’gainst commenced, recommenced anenst, fornenst dispensed, recompensed, unrecompensed cross-referenced, referenced, reverenced, unreferenced, unreverenced incensed, censed, sensed, unsensed

I was too inexperienced to break free of a yard so fenced
I knew I would lose when the world I went against
But my captivity made me so incensed
I'd butt my head until I cried, took a brief recess, and then I recommenced!