Monday, July 13, 2015


2015 07 13 "Fence" #OW

Fence is a partition for keeping people out of your yard.

Fence looks like

Fence sounds like

Fence smells like

Fence feels like

Fence tastes like

Rhymes with Fence: defense, offense, self-defense flense hence, herehence whence diligence, exigence, indigence, intelligence, negligence blandiloquence, breviloquence, eloquence, grandiloquence, inconsequence, consequence, magniloquence B benevolence, E equivalence, equivalents, excellence, FL flatulence, flocculence, FR fraudulence, I imprevalence, indolence, insolence, insomnolence, K condolence, corpulence, KW quantivalence, L lutulence, M malevolence, O opulence, P pestilence, purulence, PR prevalence, R redolence, S somnolence, succulence, T temulence, turbulence, TR truculence, V violence, virulence

My dog won't climb that fence
So, how'd she get from her to hence?
Did she jump to escape some turbulence?
Or did the neighbor let her out through some misguided benevolence?