Sunday, July 12, 2015


2015 07 12 "Experience" #OW

Experience means having gone through stuff.

Experience looks like a grizzled war vet with a thousand-yard stare.

Experience sounds like Jimi Hendrix.

Experience smells like the dinner that didn't get burned this time 'cause the cook learned from burning it in the past.

Experience feels like a familiar happenng.

Experience tastes like a well-made dinner from a chef who has many years in the kitchen.

Rhymes with : A affluence, D disobedience, E ebullience, effluence, expedience, ense, I inexpedience, inexperience, influence, incongruence, inconvenience, insipience, issuance, K confluence, congruence, continuance, convenience, M mellifluence, N nescience, O obedience, audience, omniscience, P percipience, PR prescience, prurience, R refluence, resilience, S salience, sapience, subservience A accidence, accidents, D dense, diffidence, dissidence, E evidence, I improvidence, impudence, incidence, K coincidence, condense, confidence, N nonresidence, nonresidents, PR providence, Providence, R recondense, residence, residents, S self-confidence, subsidence

Dating her was a real experience
Now I know I can meet anyone with confidence
Though now we're over I still thank Providence
If nothing else, she's taught me resilience.