Tuesday, July 21, 2015


2015 07 21 "Enfeeblement" #OW

Enfeeblement means getting old and losing control of one's faculties.

Enfeeblement looks like an old woman who has fallen and can't get up.

Enfeeblement sounds like, "Help me!  I can't get up!"

Enfeeblement smells like, "Oops!  I crapped my pants."

Enfeeblement feels like being old and unable to get around so well.

Enfeeblement tastes like cat food.

Rhymes with Enfeeblement: embellishment, embezzlement, embitterment, emblazonment, embodiment, emolument, empanelment, enablement, endangerment, endeavorment,  enfranchisement, encompassment, encouragement, enlightenment, ennoblement, enravishment, entanglement, envelopment, environment, envisagement, establishment, F famishment, ferment, fibrocement, filament, firmament, foment, foremeant, fosterment, FR fragment, franchisement, G garnishment, government, H habiliment, harassment

I asked you what those people meant, not for a discourse on your enfeeblement
I know you're old, but I think you add too much embellishment
Yeah, you're old as the hills, as old as the stars in the firmament
But making me stay here for hours while you ramble on feels like old folks harrassment!