Friday, July 31, 2015


2015 07 31 "Earpiece" #OW

An earpiece is a device that attaches to your ear that allows you to hear stuff.

Earpiece looks like a little bean with a long bendy attachment that holds it to your ear, or it just fits inside the ear canal.  It may have a wire or be wireless.

Earpiece sounds like whatever is broadcasting through the unit, whether music, an audiobook, or a phone call.

Earpiece smells like ear wax.

Earpiece feels like hard plastic.

Earpiece tastes like rubber, plastic, and ear wax.

Rhymes with Earpiece: A afterpiece, apiece, B battlepiece, CH chimneypiece, endpiece, F fieldpiece, fowling piece, FR frontispiece, H hairpiece, I eyepiece, K codpiece, cornerpiece, KR crosspiece, crownpiece, M mantelpiece, masterpiece, mouthpiece, N neckpiece, O altarpiece, P peace, piece, pocketpiece, R repiece, S centerpiece, SH showpiece, T tailpiece, timepiece caprice cerise, reese decease, cassis, predecease, cease, surcease atis, m├ętis cantatrice

I can't believe what's coming through my earpiece
You're gonna make me throw up on your hairpiece
You say such random shit you're the epitome of caprice
I guess pullin' this thing outta my ear's the only way to make you cease!