Saturday, July 25, 2015


2015 07 25 "Discontent" #OW

Discontent is unhappiness.

Discontent looks like the line at the DMV.

Discontent sounds like, "Hey, you!  Get out of the way!"

Discontent smells like a dirty diaper.

Discontent feels like realizing the donut shop is closed.

Discontent tastes like day old bread at full price.

Rhymes with Discontent: A appetent, attent, D detent, distent, E extent, I ignipotent, ill-content, impenitent, impotent, incompetent, intent, K competent, content, M malcontent, miscontent, O omnipotent, ostent, P penitent, portent, PL plenipotent, T tent, U untent, W well-content advent, event, invent, non-event, prevent, circumvent, pseudo-event, sirvente, vent overwent, underwent, went  misrepresent, present, represent, resent

You don't know me or my discontent
You talk shit about me but you misrepresent
My situation's complicated -- I'm not just some malcontent
But if you keep talking trash I'ma shut you up like a window vent!