Wednesday, July 29, 2015


2015 07 29 "Concept" #OW

Concept is an idea or meme.

Concept looks like blueprints or a Power Point slideshow.

Concept sounds like blah blah blah and then a miracle occurs!

Concept smells like some tasty baking in a test kitchen.

Concept feels like have your mind blown by a new idea.

Concept tastes like Reese's peanut butter cups.

Rhymes with Concept: ept, inept adept kept, unkept biblioklept, y-clept crept leapt, nympholept inept pepped accept, discept, except, incept, intercept, intussuscept, percept, precept, preconcept, recept, sept, suscept, transept slept stepped, unstepped backswept, swept, unswept, windswept mammothrept wept, unwept

It's a simple Concept
It came to me as I slept
The floor was dirty and had to be swept
And now that it's clean, clean is how it's kept.