Saturday, July 11, 2015


2015 07 11 "Attend" #OW

Attend means to go to some event.

Attend looks like the wedding party posing for pictures.

Attend sounds like, "Hey!  Over here!"

Attend smells like a crowd of bored people waiting for the event to be over.

Attend feels like claustrophobia for introverts.

Attend tastes like the chicken they serve at the reception.

Rhymes with Attend: expend, misspend, spend, suspend extend, coextend, ostend, Ostend D distend, I intend, K coextend, contend, P portend, PR pretend, R repetend, S subtend, superintend, T tend trend vend wend Zend

Don't invite me to your wedding -- I won't attend
I don't wanna see you marry some other don't -- I can't pretend.
I'd rather break off all contact -- so this is the end.
I guess it's true -- a guy just can't be your friend.