Friday, July 17, 2015


2015 07 17 "Affluent" #OW

Affluent means wealthy.

Affluent looks like the Monopoly dude with his monocle.

Affluent sounds like, "Money-Money-Money!  MONEY!"

Affluent smells like crisp new hundred-dollar bills.

Affluent feels like having plenty o- money.

Affluent tastes like champagne wishes and caviar dreams.

Rhymes with Affluent: accipient, ambient, aperient, D diffluent, diluent, disobedient, disorient, E effluent, expedient, emollient, esurient, GR gradient, I inexpedient, influent, ingredient, incongruent, inconvenient, insentient, incipient, interfluent, K confluent, congruent, constituent, convenient, L lenient, M mellifluent, O obedient, obstruent, audient, orient, P parturient, percipient, PR prescient, profluent, prurient, R recipient, refluent, resilient, S salient, sapient

I'm not affluent
But I'm resilient
You're not a good participant
You're too disobedient!