Monday, July 20, 2015


2015 07 20 "Advertisement" #OW

Advertisement is a means of making the public aware of some product or issue.

Advertisement looks like a magazine ad or TV ad.

Advertisement sounds like the volume going up while people you don't want to hear say or sing things you don't want to hear.

Advertisement smells like a perfume sample stapled to your magazine.

Advertisement feels like having your time wasted.

Advertisement tastes like free samples at Costco.

Rhymes with Advertisement: A abandonment, abolishment, admeasurement, admonishment, affamishment, affranchisement, aggrandizement, acknowledgment, accomplishment, accounterment, aliment, ament, apportionment, arbitrament, argument, armament, astonishment, B babblement, banishment, battlement, bedevilment, bedizenment, beleaguerment, bemuddlement, betterment, bewilderment, botherment, BL blandishment, blazonment, blemishment, BR brabbalement, CH chastisement, cherishment, D dazzlement, decrement, dement, demolishment, decipherment, detriment, development, devilment, diminishment, dimplement, disablement, disarmament, disfigurement, difranchisement, discouragement, disparagement, dispiritment, distinguishment, divertissement, document, E excrement, experiment, extinguishment, element, embarrassment, embattlement

I looked up from the advertisement
Face full of befuddlement
Is that what Mother meant
When she said life is full of disappointment?