Saturday, July 18, 2015


2015 07 18 "Accident" #OW

An accident is something that happens without conscious intent.

Accident looks like two cars colliding at an intersection.

Accident sounds like brakes squealing followed by the grinding of metal.

Accident smells like pooping one's pants.

Accident feels like a loss of control.

Accident tastes like blood from your tongue, which you just bit.

Rhymes with Accident: sentient, circumambient, circumfluent, subservient, substituent bent, hellbent, unbent blent, unblent brent D dent, diffident, dissident, E evident, I improvident, impudent, incident, incoincident, indent, K coincident, confident, O occident, PR precedent, president, provident, R resident, S subsident fent Ghent attrahent, hent, contrahent, revehent

I didn't intend to break your vase -- it was an accident
I never had anything against that vase -- certainly no ill intent
If something had happened to your CAT, I couldn't cry innocent
But go ahead and watch the video of me and your vase -- of my innocence I'm confident.