Thursday, July 23, 2015


2015 07 23 "Abstinent" #OW

Abstinent means refraining from sex.

Abstinent looks like pursed lips and a glum expression.

Abstinent sounds like groans of frustration.

Abstinent smells like solitude.

Abstinent feels like loneliness.

Abstinent tastes like another TV dinner alone.

Rhymes with Abstinent: anent, E eminent, F fornent, I immanent, imminent, impermanent, impertinent, incontinent, K continent, P permanent, pertinent, PR preeminent, prominent, R remanent, S supereminent, TH thereanent PENT pent, repent, unpent RENT afferent, belligerent, deferent, diffirent, efferent, indifferent, irreverent, preferent, rent, reverent

You say you abstain -- I say, "Abstinent?"
Don't you wonder where your libido went?
What reason do you have to get out of bed?  How you gonna pay your rent?
Give up this abstinence kick, gal -- I say, "Repent!"