Wednesday, June 10, 2015


2015 06 10 "Wheel" #OW

Wheel is a circle that goes round and round.

Wheel looks like

Wheel sounds like

Wheel smells like

Wheel feels like

Wheel tastes like

Rhymes with Wheel: aiguille allheal, heal, heel, he’ll, clownheel, Tarheel B balance wheel, big wheel, BR breastwheel, D dial wheel, DR driving wheel, FL-flywheel, FR freewheel, G gearwheel, HW wheal, K cartwheel, cogwheel, M millwheel, P paddlewheel, pinwheel jeel, jheel, jhil, congeal, recongeal, uncongeal creel allele, leal, leel, Lille B barley meal, F fistmele, H havermele, wholemeal, I inchmeal, K Camille, camomile, cornmeal, L landmil, M meal, mil, O oatmeal, P piecemeal, SHL schlemiel, ST stoundmeal, SW sweetmeal

Let me take the wheel
That's just how I feel
I'm a good driver, I mean real
Let me drive -- we'll get there safe -- that's the deal.