Friday, June 26, 2015


2015 06 26 "Unkempt" #OW

Unkempt is messy.

Unkempt looks like your hair when you just wake up.

Unkempt sounds like dropping your keys as you trip over the carpet.

Unkempt smells like that soda you spelled that you haven't cleaned up yet.

Unkempt feels like funk on your teeth because you haven't brushed yet this morning.

Unkempt tastes like day old bread that still hasn't been put away.

Rhymes with Unkempt: empt, coempt, preempt adempt adreamt, dreamt, undreamt kempt, dirempt attempt, contempt, selfcontempt, temp exempt

I'm all verklempt 'cause I'm so unkempt
I see my messy face looking back from the mirror, full of contempt
I've gotta get my act together, at least make the attempt
Or maybe awake me has it tight, and this mess is something I've dreamt?