Wednesday, June 03, 2015


2015 06 03 "Turtle-neck" #OW

Turtle-neck is a type of long collar that covers the neck.

Turtle-neck looks like the neck of a turtle.

Turtle-neck sounds like cloth rustling against skin.

Turtle-neck smells like your perfume or cologne.

Turtle-neck feels like a nippy Autumn evening.

Turtle-neck tastes like turtle soup.

Rhymes with Turtle-neck:  feck fleck geck heck, by heck keck cleck cromlech, lech, Lech, leck, lek Olmec B bottleneck, BL blackneck, BR breakneck, KR crookneck, crewneck, L leatherneck, N neck, nek, neck-andneck, R redneck, rollneck, roughneck, rubberneck, wryneck, SW swanneck

I got lost in my turtleneck
Til I sighed and uttered, "Oh, heck!"
Hair mussed, faced tussed, I cussed 'cause I looked a wreck
I stopped, counted to 10, and got loose of my bottleneck.