Thursday, June 04, 2015

Train wreck

2015 06 04 "Train wreck" #OW

Train wreck refers to an accident involving a train or a condition of having one's life severely out of order.

Train wreck looks like the young starlet of last week posing for her mug shot.

Train wreck sounds like the lyrics of a Justin Bieber tune.

Train wreck smells like 3-day-old fish.

Train wreck feels like that sinking feeling when you realize you're about to be struck by that oncoming train.

Train wreck tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Train wreck:  henpeck, kopek, OPEC, peck, repeck, sapek, Tehuantepec bewreck, plane wreck, reck, shipwreck, tenrec, cusec, parsec, sec Chiang Kai-shek sneck flyspeck, spec, speck Aztec, discotheque, high-tech, conteck, Mixtec, tec, tech, teck, Toltec Star Trek, trek yech, yecch

I'd have to do better to be a train wreck
It's stumble, fall, almost-catch-myself then on to the next misstep
I'll cut off my nose to spite my face faster than anyone else in the nearest parsec
You can't fix me 'cause they haven't invented the right "fix me" tech.