Tuesday, June 02, 2015


2015 06 02 "Raincheck" #OW

Raincheck is a postponement of an event for some reason that precludes it.

Raincheck looks like a little league baseball field drenched by rain.

Raincheck sounds like, "Maybe next week."

Raincheck smells like procrastination.

Raincheck feels like being let down gently.

Raincheck tastes like a dream deferred.

Rhymes with Raincheck: home-ec beck, Kennebec, crombec, Quebec, pinchbeck, rebec, xebec brek blank check, bodycheck, check, cheque, Czech, hatcheck, coatcheck, countercheck, crosscheck, overcheck, recheck, rubber check afterdeck, bedeck, deck, foredeck, quarterdeck, sandek, undeck dreck

Oh, heck!  I'll give ya a raincheck
It's as good as a blank check
It won't bounce like a rubber check
But for now I'll be chillin' on the back deck.