Tuesday, June 30, 2015


2015 06 30 "Philhellene" #OW

Philhellene is a lover of Greece and Greek culture.

Philhellene looks like anybody who has a hankering for Greece.

Philhellene sounds like someone faking a Greek accent and getting all excited about the Coliseum.

Philhellene smells like armpit hair.

Philhellene feels like a Luddite intellectual.

Philhellene tastes like a gyro made from chicken meat.

Rhymes with Philhellene: A anilene, B baleen, bandoline, G gasoline, Ghibelline, H Hellene, K choline, colleen, KR crinoline, L lean, lien, M magdalene, malines, moulleen, mousseline, N naphthalene, O opaline, PR praline, proline, SK scalene, SKW squalene, T tourmaline, TH phthalein, U uplean, V valine, vaseline amine, ammine, amphetamine, bellarmine, bromine, bemean, dexemphetamine, demean, demesne, dopamine, methamphetamine, physostigmene, gamine, imine, mean, mesne, mien, misdemean, spodumine Lenin, mavourneen, mezzanine, quinine, shoneen, cyanine, strychnine, torpinene

I like a good Gyro but I'm no Philhellene
And baklava too but that don't mean it's Greek I lean
I'm just a dude who appreciates a good spanikopita and a cute colleen
So chill out -- let me be -- don't be mean!