Tuesday, June 16, 2015


2015 06 16 "Pennoncelle" #OW

Pennoncelle is a small pennant designed to be attached to a lance.

Pennoncelle looks like a pole with a small flag on it.

Pennoncelle sounds like the roar of the trumpets for a medieval joust.

Pennoncelle smells like dirt and fresh air.

Pennoncelle feels like being stabbed in the chest with a lance.

Pennoncelle tastes like the dirt you eat when you're knocked off your horse during a rousing joust.

Rhymes with Pennoncelle: pucelle, R radicel, red cell, resell, S sarcel, sarcelle, cell, sell, solar cell, U undersell, unicell bombshell, eggshell, cockleshell, nutshell, seashell, shell, tortoise shell, unshell skell smell snell love spell, misspell, respell, spell, unspell pipistrel

Let fly the pennoncelle!
I'm here to impress the lovely lady in the mysterious pucelle.
My vigorous jousting's how I cast my love spell
She'll join me later in my bachelor cell.