Monday, June 08, 2015


2015 06 08 "Intellect" #OW

Intellect is your brain's processing power.

Intellect looks like Albert Einstein writing " e = mc2" on a chalkboard.

Intellect sounds like a piece by Beethoven.

Intellect smells like something cooking on  a Bunsen burner in a lab.

Intellect feels like watching man land on the moon.

Intellect tastes like brains.

Rhymes with Intellect: A acrolect, analect, B basilect, D dialect, E elect, I idiolect, K collect, N non-elect, PR pre-elect, prelect, R re-elect, recollect, S select disconnect, goosenecked, interconnect, connect, crooknecked, necked, reconnect aspect, expect, henpecked, pecked, prospect complect A arrect, D direct, E erect, I indirect, incorrect, insurrect, K correct, M misdirect, P porrect, R wrecked, resurrect, rewrecked, U unwrecked bisect, dissect, exsect, insect, intersect, quadrisect, sect, transect, trisect, vivisect D disrespect, E expect, I inspect, introspect, R respect, retrospect, S self-respect, circumspect, suspect, SP specked, spect, ’spect, U unspecked architect, detect, contect, obtect, overprotect, protect, underprotect, undetect, unprotect trekked

Even with all your intellect
Your life is still such a wreck
In every aspect
Am I not correct?