Thursday, June 18, 2015


2015 06 18 "Field" #OW

Field is a place where grass or other crops grow.

Field looks like grass or wheat or corn as far as the eye can see.

Field sounds like the crack of a baseball bat making contact with the ball or a tractor or combine.

Field smells like grass or wheat or corn or whatever, with a whiff of cow dung in the distance.

Field feels like a hot summer day.

Field tastes like corn on the cob at a 4th of July picnic.

Rhymes with Field: bield A afield, airfield, B battlefield, CH chesterfield, H harvest field, HW wheat field, I infield, K canfield, coal field, corn field, L left field, M midfield, minifield, O oil field, outfield, R right field, SH sheffield, SK Scofield, SN snowfield, SPR Springfield, U urnfield heald, heeled, hield, well-heeled enshield, shield, windshield weald, wield yield

Hot, hazy summer days lying in a field
Relaxation is all I hope to yield
Taking it easy is my shield
Eating corn on the cob, don't care if it's been peeled.