Sunday, June 07, 2015


2015 06 07 "Effect" #OW

Effect refers to the consequence of an action.

Rhymes with Effect: becked checked, unchecked bedecked, decked, pandect A affect, aftereffect, D defect, disaffect, disinfect, F photoelectric effect, GR greenhoue effect, I infect, K confect, M misaffect, P perfect, PR prefect, R refect, ripple effect deflect, flecked, flect, inflect, genuflect, reflect, circumflect benign neglect, neglect A abject, adject, D deject, disject, E eject, I inject, interject, introject, K conject, O object, PR project, R reject, retroject, S subject, TR traject

Never mind me, I just said that for effect
I can't ever seem to get it right -- it's never perfect
Don't look at me -- I'm such a reject
I wouldn't say I'm overconfident -- at least I don't have THAT defect.