Tuesday, June 09, 2015


2015 06 09 "Eel" #OW

Eel is a snakelike animal that mainly lives in water.

Eel looks like a snake in water.

Eel sounds like, "Eel!  Eeeeel!  Eel!"

Eel smells like a slimy water monster.

Eel feels like electricity, if it's electric.

Eel tastes like chicken of the sea.

Rhymes with Eel: langue d’oïl A abeal, abele, B beal, beele, D deshabille, dishabille, I immobile, L locomobile, M mobile, Mobile, O automobile, S cebil, SN snowmobile, traymobile deal, deil, ideal, interdeal, misdeal, ordeal, redeal, misdeal, undeal, urodele feal, feel, feil, forefeel, Israfil, refeel

I feel I have to keep it real and tell you there's no sex appeal with an eel
Any time I have to deal with an eel it's such an ordeal
So overcome with fright it keeps me immobile
Till I'm rescued by some passing dolphin or seal.