Sunday, June 14, 2015


2015 06 14 "Astrophel" #OW

Astrophel, "meaning star-lover," is one of the two main characters of the poem series, "Astrophel and Stella."  (Stella means, "star.")

Astrophel looks like a lovestruck fool kneeling before the object of his affections.

Astrophel sounds like, "Oh, darling, you're so WONDERFUL!"

Astrophel smells like Old Spice.

Astrophel feels like desperate, sloppy wet kisses with too much tongue way too soon.

Astrophel tastes like sappy moon-eyed doughboy.

Rhymes with : dwell, indwell befell, fell, refell Hel, hell aerogel, hydrogel, gel, jell, plasmagel kell kvell quell hallel, parallel bechamel, oenomel, philomel, hydromel, jumel, calomel, caramel, Carmel, mel, mell, pall-mall, pell-mell

I'm not some beta-male Astrophel
I'm the opposite, not some feminized parallel
Of you -- You just ask me what I want, do as I tell
It's my way or the highway -- do as I say or go to Hell!