Saturday, May 23, 2015


2015 05 23 "Zed" #OW

Zed refers to the letter Z.

Zed looks like the mark of Zorro.

Zed sounds like a snake hissing before it strikes.

Zed smells like bacon sizzling in a hot frying pan.

Zed feels like a scratch that breaks the skin.

Zed tastes like half a pretzel.

Rhymes with Zed: unlimited, unmerited, unprofited, unrespited, untenanted, unvisited, V visited, W weak-spirited goldthread, packthread, thread, rethread, unthread retread, tread rewed, unwed, wed yed

I'm not at zed.
I'm not yet dead.
My future is yet unlimited.
Another country not yet visited.