Saturday, May 16, 2015


2015 05 16 "Yede" #OW

Yede, obsolete, is the simple past tense of go.

Rhymes with : threed treed, retreed, untreed tweed B beggarweed, bugleweed, CH chickweed, E ennuied, F fireweed, G goutweed, gulfweed, H hogweed, K colicweed, cottonweed, L locoweed, M mayweed, milkweed, musquashweed, N knapweed, knotweed, P pigweed, pickerelweed, pokeweed, pondweed, R ragweed, S seaweed, silverweed, ST stickweed, T tumbleweed, W waterweed, we’d, wede, weed

I went; I yede
Rolling like a tumbleweed
Ass over kettle without heed
I knew I couldn't have you, but you're all that I want or need.