Sunday, May 24, 2015


2015 05 24 "Thief" #OW

Thief is someone who steals stuff.

Thief looks like Selina Kyle.

Thief sounds like a silent alarm that doesn't go off if the thief is good.

Thief smells like a velvet bag full of precious gems.

Thief feels like the thrill of taking something that doesn't belong to you.

Thief tastes like fine wine and fine dining paid for with your ill-gotten gains.

Rhymes with Thief:  faux-naïf, naïf beef brief, debrief chief, handkerchief, neckerchief deaf, deef, redif enfeoff, fief, feoff grief O’Keefe B bas-relief, belief, BR broadleaf, D demirelief, disbelief, FL flyleaf, G goldleaf, I interleaf, KL cloverleaf, L leaf, lief, M misbelief, O overleaf, R relief, TH thickleaf, U unbelief, V velvetleaf hanif, neif, neife kharif, reef, reif, shereef, tashrif, Tenerife massif sheaf aperitif, leitmotif, motif, chetif infangthief, outfangthief, utfangthief

Stop! Thief!
Don't take my grandmother's handkerchief!
That you would take something so cherished is beyond belief!
It has no financial value but it's loss would fill me with grief!