Tuesday, May 05, 2015


2015 05 05 "Tea" #OW

Tea is a drink made from hot water and leaves.

Tea looks like a fancy little china cup filled with hot brown liquid.

Tea sounds like, "La-di-da, LA-di-DA!"

Tea smells like hot, wet, steeped leaves.

Tea feels like a burning sensation whenever you spill it on yourself.

Tea tastes like a mystery, cause I haven't had any in so long.

Rhymes with Tea: sparsity, spigotty, spiralty, spontaneity, T, tee, temerity, tensity, typothetae, titi, torpidity, totality, tutee, TR trepidity, trinity, trinkety, triviality, trumpety, trustee, U uberty, unity, utility, V velleity, velvety, viraginity, virginity, W warrantee, warranty, witchety, Y unanimity

I never developed a taste for tea
That glass of tea would be wasted on me
I reject that glass of tea in its totality
If everyone was like me not liking tea would be met with unanimity
And don't get me started on coffee!