Thursday, May 14, 2015


2015 05 14 "Succeed" #OW

Succeed is to achieve your objective or suchlike.

Succeed looks like scoring the winning touchdown.

Succeed sounds like hitting all the high notes when singing a song.

Succeed smells like a jar of raspberry jam that came out just right.

Succeed feels like the wind rushing through your hair.

Succeed tastes like baked chicken cooked just right.

Rhymes with : fairlead, lead, mislead, Nibelungenlied, uplead quede, Quede Ganymede, mead, Mede, meed, Runnymede ennead, knead, kneed, need, knockkneed impede, capripede, millipede, peed, centipede, cirripede, stampede, velocipede implead, interplead, misplead, plead bourride, jereed, copyread, lip-read, misread, O outread, overread, PR proofread, R read, rede, reed, referred, reread, S sight-read, SP speed-read  A accede, axseed, aniseed, antecede, B birdseed, E epicede, exceed, FL flaxseed, H hayseed, I intercede, Jamshid, K concede, cottonseed, L linseed, M moonseed, O allseed, P pumpkinseed, PR precede, proceed, R rapeseed, recede, reseed, retrocede, S secede, cede, seed, supersede, ST stickseed, W wormseed

Take heed if you want to succeed:
Take two baby aspirin and look into flaxseed
Flush the toilet after you've peed
Be kind to those in need.  Agreed?  Agreed!