Friday, May 15, 2015


2015 05 15 "Steed" #OW

Steed is a horse for riding.

Steed looks like Black Beauty.

Steed sounds like, "Neigh!"

Steed smells like hay and horseshit.

Steed feels like galloping across an open field.

Steed tastes like steak.

Rhymes with Steed: Haroun al-Rashid, she’d screed snead airspeed, Godspeed, groundspeed, outspeed, speed spreed Swede guaranteed, propertied, reguaranteed, reteed, tead, teaed, teed, unguaranteed, unteed

I have no trusty steed
I'm neither rich nor propertied,
I'm not successful or guaranteed
But for what it's worth I wish you Godspeed.