Thursday, May 21, 2015


2015 05 21 "Red" #OW

Red is a color, the color of lipstick or apples.

Red looks like a hot young blond in a tight dress.

Red sounds like a bonfire crackling in the night.

Red smells like Red Delicious Apples.

Red feels like a toasty blanket on a cold night.

Red tastes like her lips.

Rhymes with Red: Ethelred, boxy red, infrared, misread, outread, read, redd, reread, unread aforesaid, foresaid, gainsaid, resaid, said, unsaid bloodshed, shed, snowshed, watershed, woodshed shred bobsled, sled snead sped, unsped, well-sped bedspread, bespread, outspread, overspread, spread, underspread, wellspread, widespread bedstead, bestead, farmstead, homestead, instead, roadstead, stead, oersted

Jed said he likes red
Redheared Ginger let it go to her head
It wasn't long till he took her to bed
But when she moved to Nick instead Jed,
Tears shed, wondered if it was something he said.