Monday, May 11, 2015


2015 05 11 "Peach" #OW

Peach is a tasty fruit famously grown in Georgia, USA.

Peach looks like an apple with hair and more orange than red.

Peach sounds like wet fruit squishing between your teeth.

Peach smells like Peach shampoo.

Peach feels like wet fruit.

Peach tastes like peach.

Rhymes with Peach: each beach, beech bleach, rebleach, unbleach breach, breech, housebreach, spousebreach, unbreech fleech keach, keech horseleech, leach, leech meech appeach, impeach pleach preach, repreach forereach, headreach, outreach, overreach, reach beseech screech sleech speech teach, unteach

She's a pretty young Georgia peach
Her life's dream is to become a teach
She's good with kids, not one to preach
She dyes her hair, uses bleach.