Wednesday, May 20, 2015


2015 05 20 "Lead" #OW

Lead is a soft poisonous metal.

Lead looks like the thing inside your No. 2 pencil.

Lead sounds like whispers you can't make out.

Lead smells like your No. 2 pencil.

Lead feels like a shiv when I stab you with your No. 2 pencil.

Lead tastes like something you shouldn't be feeding your kids, which is why lead-based paint was banned in the US in 1978.

Rhymes with Lead:  ravag├Ęd, jed ked, sheep-ked led, misled, unlead, unled, jolie-laide med, pre-med A aliped, B biped, BR breviped, F fissiped, K cheliped, KW quadruped, M maxilliped, milliped, moped, multiped, O octoped, P palmiped, paralleloped, ped, pinnatiped, pinniped, PL planiped, plumiped, R remiped, S semiped, serriped, soliped, T taliped, U uniped pled

You bled; I fled; the pipe was lead.
I took off on my moped
When the cops caught up with me, innocent I pled.
Now I sleep on a cot and 3 meals a day I am fed.