Friday, May 08, 2015


2015 05 08 "Knight-errantry" #OW

Knight-errantry is taking on a fool's quest.

Knight-errantry looks like Don Quixote by Cervantes.

Knight-errantry sounds like tilting at windmills.

Knight-errantry smells like the mud you pick yourself out of when you lose the battle.

Knight-errantry feels like an obligation.

Knight-errantry tastes like the mud mentioned previously.

Rhymes with Knight-errantry: Christmas tree, M mantletree,merchantry, ministry, O honesty, P pageantry, palmistry, pedantry, peasantry, poetry, PL pleasantry, S saddletree, sequestree, psychiatry, psychometry, symmetry, sophistry, SH shoetree, T tapestry, telemetry, tenantry, TH thalassochemistry, TR tree, trestletree, W wapiti, weeping tree ├ętui

I'm like Don Quixote with my knight-errantry
I won't let you have Christmas without a Christmas tree
It's my ministry to give you pageantry along with well-intentioned honesty
I'll say, "Good morning," "Hello," or some other pleasanty
I'll sweep you off your feet with my romantical poetry!