Friday, May 01, 2015


2015 05 01 "Infinity" #OW

Infinity is unending forever.

Infinity looks like an 8 on its side.

Infinity sounds like whooshing that never stops.

Infinity smells like dark chocolate.

Infinity feels like everything.

Infinity tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Infinity: inferiority, iniquity, incapacity, incomparability, incompatibility, incomprehensibility, incongruity, incredulity, intensity, intrepidity, J generosity, geniality, gentility, jollity, juvenility, K calamity, capability, capacity, captivity, carroty, cavity, casualty, coatee, collectivity, comity, committee, commodity, community, complexity, complicity, conformity, concavity, consanguinity, contiguity, contrasty, convexity, convenantee, cupidity, curiosity, Q.T., KR creativity, credulity

The future stretches toward infinity
A span of time so great it tends toward incomprehensibility
Tendrils of time of incredible complexity
That's more than I can IMAGINE -- it's beyond my capability!