Wednesday, May 13, 2015


2015 05 13 "He’d" #OW

He’d means he would or he did.

Rhymes with He’d:  feed, handfeed, off his feed, overfeed, spoonfeed, underfeed, unfeed, winterfeed, eutrophied flead, fleaed, unfleaed enfreed, freed, Siegfried, unfreed glede, gleed agreed, degreed, disagreed, filigreed, greed, pedigreed, undegreed, unpedigreed  heed, Lockheed  keyed, rekeyed, unkeyed

He'd never heed
Whatever your position he always disagreed.
If you installed a lock he'd have it rekeyed
In short, he's off his rocker -- off his meds -- off his feed.