Sunday, May 17, 2015


2015 05 17 "Flowerbed" #OW

Flowerbed is a collection of flowers in the ground.

Flowerbed looks like daisies or roses or lilacs all together growing in a meadow.

Flowerbed sounds like birds chirping.

Flowerbed smells like fresh country air.

Flowerbed feels like the softness of the Earth in spring.

Flowerbed tastes like grass.

Rhymes with Flowerbed: coed, continuèd, op-ed, sorrowèd, wearièd, winnowèd BED A abed, B bed, CH childbed, D deathbed, E embed, F featherbed, H hotbed, I imbed, P pissabed, R riverbed, roadbed, S seedbed, surbed, SL slugabed, TR trucklebed, trundlebed, W waterbed

I picked a flower from the flowerbed
Put in a vase in the bedroom by the waterbed
Plucking the flower made me sad, a little wearièd
But it's not like I'll save the flowers by writing an op-ed.