Friday, May 22, 2015


2015 05 22 "Faceted" #OW

Faceted refers to having faces.

Faceted looks like a sparkling, multi-faceted diamond.

Rhymes with Faceted: A attributed, B ballasted, barren-spirited, base-spirited, bigoted, bold-spirited, bonneted, BR breakfasted, D discomfited, discomforted, discredited, disinherited, disquieted, dispirited, distributed, E exhibited, fine-spirited, forfeited, G gay-spirited, H helmeted, high-spirited, I inhabited, inherited, inspirited, K carpeted, contributed, coveted, KR crescented, KW quieted, L light-spirited, limited, low-spirited, M mean-spirited, merited, P patented, pirated, poor-spirited, public-spirited, PR profited, prohibited, S signeted, soft-spirited, SP spirited, T talented, ted, tenanted, turreted, U unballasted, unbonneted, uninhabited, uninhibited

Like a diamond you're multi-faceted
Like a war-weary survivor you're barren-spirited
Like you just woke up from a nightmare you're dispirited
Maybe you'll feel better once you've breakfasted.