Tuesday, May 19, 2015


2015 05 19 "Chucklehead" #OW

Chucklehead refers to a mope or foolish person.

Chucklehead looks like W.

Chucklehead sounds like, "Well, gosh, golly, gee-whiz, folks..."

Chucklehead smells like Old Spice.

Chucklehead feels like grease paint.

Chucklehead tastes like chicken.

Rhymes with Chucklehead: FED fed, fullfed, milkfed, overfed, underfed, unfed, well-fed FLED fled HED A ahead, airhead, arrowhead, B behead, bighead, billethead, bonehead, bowhead, bufflehead, bulkhead, bullhead, bullethead, BL blackhead, blockhead, blunderhead, D deadhead, death’s-head, dunderhead, DR dragonhead, drophead, drumhead, E egghead, emptyhead, F fathead, featherhead, fiddlehead, figurehead, forehead, fountainhead, FL flathead, G gilthead, goahead, godhead, goodhead, GR greenhead, H hammerhead, hardhead, head, hogshead, Holyhead, hophead, hothead, K cathead, copperhead, KR crosshead, L letterhead, leatherhead, loggerhead, M maidenhead, marblehead, masthead, N nailhead, knucklehead, O overhead

He's a knucklehead -- just some chucklehead
Sleeping on his featherbed
He'd really be better off dead
But he's a harmless old emptyhead.