Monday, May 04, 2015


2015 05 04 "Celebrity" #OW

Celebrity is the quality of being famous.

Celebrity looks like Marilyn Monroe.

Celebrity sounds like The Beatles.

Celebrity smells like fresh donuts.

Celebrity feels like Jell-O.

Celebrity tastes like a Big Mac.

Rhymes with Celebrity: remittee, repartee, receptivity, russety, S sacristy, sanctiminity, sanctity, security, celerity, sensibility, sensitivity, certainty, servility, settee, seventy, similarity, simultaneity, sincerity, synonymity, syntality, civility, sovereignty, subtlety, pseudonymity, surdity, suttee, SHR shrievalty, SK scarcity, SN snippety

We celebrate your celebrity
We laugh at your witty repartee
We greet you with receptivity
We admire your sensibility.