Saturday, May 30, 2015


2015 05 30 "Caique" #OW

Caique is a small ship.

Caique looks like a small rowboat or sailing ship.

Caique sounds like water splashing through oars or wind whipping through sails.

Caique smells like sea water.

Caique feels like being jostled by waves.

Caique tastes like salt water.

Rhymes with Caique: eke, saic beak, beek, grosbeak, halfbeak, Mozambique, stickybeak bleak cheek, chic, radical chic feak ecofreak, freak, Jesus freak geek gleek fenugreek, Greek keek cleek, clique creak, creek aleak, Belleek, houseleek, leak, leek, oblique, relique, silique

You could sail to Mozambique in your shiny new caique
You could eat a worm out of a robin's beak
You could let your hair down and admit you're a geek
But you'll never be a joiner and you don't have a clique.